Thursday, June 20, 2013

BOUNCE Energy Balls

 Jessica and I are always looking for a good post long run protein snack that we can get into us within 20 mins of our run that doesn't taste like chocolate cardboard and that isn't so big that we have to force the last half of it down in order to get the right amount of protein we need to recover.

Look what we found!

This little baby has 12g of Protein!

We first came across the Bounce Energy Balls while we were training for the Mississauga Marathon.  We happened to be at our local Bulk Barn looking for snacks and there they were in their pretty bite size packaging just begging us to pick them up and check them out.

  • They taste great!  They come in 6 flavours - I've tried 3 so far!
  • They aren't filled with a lot of processed garbage that I can't pronounce and the are GMO free!
  • The come in this perfect little package that literally fits in the smallest pocket in my run bag.
  • The don't hit my stomach like a brick after a long run - I can eat the whole thing.
  • Of the 6 flavours available on-line only 4 are available in my local store.
  • Jess can't finish the whole thing.  She now eats 1/2 as part of her recovery.

Just a side note:  We did a little research on the company to see what they were all about and I have to say that when a company's world wide question is "What Would You Do If You Had The Balls?" You just had to know that we were gonna love them!

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