Monday, May 6, 2013

Mississauga Marathon Race Report.


Water stations every 2km.  It was quite hot, so they were very appreciated.

All the spectators and volunteers were fantastic.

Beautiful course with lots of shady areas.

We met Andre while we ran.  He works at the Toronto Zoo, in the gift shop.  Hi Andre!

Random stranger at 40km, who told us were awesome and that he was proud of us, that we had come so far and just had a little more to go.  He had me welling up with tears.

Crossing the finish line, hand in hand, arms raised.  It was not how we had planned it, but was obviously how it was meant to be.

The finish line announcer saying, "Congratulations Denise Clement and Jessica (pause, pause, pause) Gwenard-Valiqwetty"

Finding our way to Lake Ontario and wading in through the boat launch. The police officer standing on the dock, laughing at us.

Our ever dependable Sherpa, Margaret Guenard (or should I say Margaret Gwenard). She was there for us at the finish, cheering us (and all the other runners on).  Most importantly, after we were done, she was our brain.  After a marathon, its hard to think....she found us access to the water, got things out of our bag, helped us stretch....a good Sherpa is so valuable...we have the BEST. No, we are not willing to share.

Increased police presence at finish line, provided ample opportunity for eye candy. In Uniform.  At the finish. Where we looked oh so sexy.  Maybe this should be a lowlight. Seriously though, obviously the increased police presence provided a measure of reassurance to all runners and spectators.  We aren't used to seeing that at a finish line, but they did a great jod, and we never once felt they were intrusive.


It was really hot, for early May.  We have trained primarily in below zero temps, and very below zero temps.  In fact, we had only a handful of runs in temps above zero, and only one of those was a long run.  Our bodies were NOT ready for the heat

Chafing.  Pro tip.  No matter the rush you are in, be sure that there are no remnants of the cheap, one ply toilet paper left behind in your butt cheeks.  Otherwise, after 15km or so,the chafing is unspeakable.

Never try a new nutrition source during a race that you haven't tried in training.  This seemingly small thing, derailed Denise who was well on track for a fantastic PB.  But, she champed it out.  Rock star, she is.

Wicked sunburn for the palest of the anglophones.  Jessica is not only sore from running, but a nasty sunburn.  I applied SPF 60 sunblock at the start, but couldnt carry it with me.  maybe races should stock Sunscreen at some of the waterstations?  What do you think?

We definitely recommend the Mississauga event.  It is a very well organized race, with fantastic volunteers and a beautiful course.  We plan on returning again.  For the Half-marathon.

Two, "Deux Crazy" thumbs up.

Long May We Run,

Crampy and Chafy
(Denise and Jessica)


  1. Awesome job girls. It is sounding like I should run this race.