Monday, August 27, 2012

The Home Stretch

" The Home Stretch" 

 Those three little words imply so much.  
  • only a bit more to go
  • we're almost there
  • you just need to keep your head on a bit further.
  • we are going to make it.

  With only 4 weeks to go until our marathon with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lyphoma Society this is a phrase I find myself saying or thinking quite often.

At least once per long run I will look over at Jessica as we are nearing the end of our run, when I know it's getting particularly challenging or when we are both getting tired and say to her "We're in the home stretch". It's usually when we have about 6Km to go and I think mostly to myself that I need to say something to get us to the end.  I used to think I was just doing it for Jess to be supportive and encouraging as she challenges each new length of distance that is new territory to her (I am amazingly proud of her) but now, I think it's a bit of a pep talk for me too. 
Let's face it, marathon training is hard.  It's tiring.  It takes a toll on  your body, your mind and your spirit.  It demands more of you than any relationship and puts limits on everything you do.  To say that it takes a committment is an understatement. 

BUT -there's always a but.

 At the end of the day, when all is said and done, when you have completed all 700+ training kilometers, running dreaded hill repeats, eaten countless gels, fought with your spouse or children for the umpteenth time about squeezing in your run,  scrutinized every last detail of what goes in your mouth for 16weeks, made the journey to the race, toed the starting line, and pushed yourself along the race course getting to the point where you think you just can't go any further.............the home stretch is what gets you to the finish line and your victory over what some see as nearly impossible and others never challenge. 

So, as we near the end of our journey together Miss Jessica, at a time when it's getting the hardest to push through the miles and the tiredness I just wanted you to know..........we're in the home stretch :)



  1. Indeed we are, Miss Denise.

    I am so happy we are doing this together. While my body is happy that we are in the home stretch, I am also sad that it will be ending in just 4 short weeks.

    I guess we have to plan next years destination!

  2. Congratulations ladies...I love reading your blog to see how you guys are doing! Good luck on this final "home stretch"!