Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Running for a Reason - Karissa

Recently I read an article in one of our local newspapers about a young girl named Karissa, who is battling Leukemia. She's 7. SEVEN.

Life is so incredibly unfair, sometimes.

Please go read her story here. Karissa's Story

When I read her story, I wished, as I'm sure everyone else has, that I could DO something.
I'm a fixer, when I see a problem I fix it. When I don't know how to fix it, I get scared.

I've never met Karissa, or her family. But their story really hit me. How could it not?

With every half-marathon I've run, I have always dedicated that race to someone. Myself, my best friend, my kids....people who are special to me.

Well, that's what I CAN do. If this little girl can fight leukemia, then I can run a marathon. And I can do it for her.

When I run on Sept. 23rd, Karissa's name will be written on my right calf. I want the thousands of people there to see her name, and if only for a brief moment, send their prayers and healing thoughts her way.

That's what I can do.

Long before I heard Karissa's story, indeed, long before she was diagnosed, Denise and I decided to run to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Now, the reasons are clearer than ever.

I sent an email to Karissa's family through Heidi Ulrichsen, the reporter who wrote the article. I won't share that letter because it was for the Kruk family. It's theirs.

But if you could all join me on Sept. 23rd and send prayers, wishes, strength & healing thoughts her way, I would be so incredibly thankful.

If you feel that you can help with a donation to the Kruk family, there is information in the article about the fund that is set up for them. While donations to my fundraising effort are also appreciated, I'm sure the Kruk's could use some help with their current expenses.

Much love,


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