Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Deux Crazy Anglophones - The lighter side of running

While Jessica and I were trotting out our 32Km last weekend we started chatting about some of the  things we've done and seen in our time on the roads together and it started a chain reaction of laughter.  As most runners can tell you,  in running you have to be slightly self-depricating and have a good sense of humour because sometimes running. is just not graceful or sexy.  And sometimes it's just a wicked good time!

Here's a few for a giggle:

There's nothing quite like walking into a women's washroom after a rainy-day race and hearing "I don't think I've ever been this wet"  and a chorus of laughter to follow.

Watching a dainty looking petite woman pull a nutrition gel out of her sweaty sports bra, rip the top off with her teeth -spitooning it to the side -  scarfing down said gel and burping.

Farting on the run:  needs no description but if you've done it  you know what I mean and you are probably giggling a little.   Heck it was almost 10 years into our relationship before I "tooted" in front of my husband but it took less than 3 years to rip one out in front of Jessica.

Dropping trow in the bush because the nearing porta-potty is at least 2Km away. 

The guy who does the farmer's nose blow without checking who's on his get the idea.

Having full on conversations about your bowels/bowel movements with the recurring sentiment of  "maybe I shouldn't have eaten that before a long run"

The woman walking her dog who had given the dog a package of cigarettes to carry in it's mouth while they walked.

But remember,  along with the gross and the crazy, there's also to be had some great moments and great memories like these ones:

Pumping up before the Sudbury Rocks!

Volunteering at the Hypo Half
Our Cheer Squad for Team in Training
Meeting Dayna Pidhoreski at the Toronto Women's Half
Runner and Supporters of the first Chase Down Classic!

Long may we run,


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