Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Run Sudbury - Rave Runs in my city

People who are not runners or are run curious will often give me "the look" when I tell them that I'm training for a marathon - you know the one, it's a cross between: you're crazy! and where the heck to you run that much in Sudbury?  So I thought I would pass along some of my favorite run routes in and around the city to give you some insight of why you should run here if you get the chance.

 As always, there are some things need to know about running Sudbury:

 We have hills.  Lots of hills!  We are a city built out of a basin and most of the runs that you could do while staying with family or at a hotel will give you a hill within the first 2-3Km. 

Sudbury almost 200Km of beautiful trails that weave across the city. Runners can partake in portions of the trail system  during a road run or make a full trail run all on their own.  If you are a trail lover or just want to try something different make sure you check out what Sudbury's trails have to offer.

Sudbury has it's own marathon race weekend Sudbury Rocks!  Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes  This race offers a Marathon & Team Relay,  1/2 Marathon, 10Km, 5Km, and Kids 1Km.  

And probably most important;  Whether you are a first-time runner or a long-time runner, you will always have a route to run or someone to run with when you pop into the Sudbury Running Room  for their FREE Run Club. 

Here's a tour of  my favourite places to run.  Check em' out,  Come Run Sudbury!

This single loop run takes you through Bell Park along beautiful Ramsay Lake, past Science North and the Sudbury Art Gallery

9.9 Km
This loop goes through some beautiful south end neighbourhoods, along the Laurentian Path to the grounds of Laurentian University.

This loop runs toward the west end of the city, crosses into the downtown and rounds out by running along Lakes Ramsay.

18 Km
This loop runs along three of the main roads in Sudbury and crosses through New Sudbury and the downtown area

Long may we run,


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