Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'll never take the wine away, but I may smack that cookie out of your mouth!

Eating to Run: Sort of

Jessica and I have often joked about the fact that we run so we can eat. Which for the largest part is true due to the fact that we both love all things sweet and chocolatey and that all good things must be had with wine. 

So as we were getting set to drive home this past Sunday after our race it caused me to giggle when Jessica looked over at me with a slightly giddy and panicked smile and confessed that she was nervous that I was going to start telling her that she couldn't eat things that were bad for her while we were training for this marathon.  I really think she was worried I would take away the wine!!!! 

Now I am no dietary saint. Although, when training for a marathon I do tend to walk the straight and narrow a bit more and I will admit, it's definately alot easier to get through the training week on well planned healthy meals than it is to try to survive on the plan of fast food, finishing your kids plates and discovering the chocolate bar under the front seat of the SUV.  But, life gets in the way sometimes and we as women with a goal sometimes have to sacrifice a good meal in the name of schedules and sanity.

So, I promise my dear friend;  I will not take the wine away, but I may smack that cookie out of your mouth!


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