Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12K LSD - or - 12K of complaining and suffering

Well, we ran a 12K slow run this weekend.  Oh. Em. Gee. Did it EVER suck.

One of us was hungover, one of us was sleep deprived.  It doesn't matter who was what, just that we were good companions for this run.

You know how the first 10 minutes or so of a run, you are warming up, and they don't feel the greatest?  That feeling never went away.  At 5K, we both felt like we'd run 18K.  We were thankful for EVERY light that was blissfully red, giving us an excuse to stop without damaging our pride.

A new low, was at 10K, we were stopped at a light and Denise was leaning against the light pole while I was hunched over supporting myself on my knees.

Did we not just run a half marathon TWO WEEKS AGO?

But, we got it done.  Sort of.

11.31km is just like 12km, right?


Onward and Upward, I say.

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