Sunday, March 17, 2013

Running a Frosty 20Km

Holy Crap that was a cold one!

Since we'd been having slightly warmer temps than usual for this time of year in the Suds, Jess and I held out hope that we were going to be blessed with an early dose of Spring to keep us motivated as we up our mileage for the weekend.

 Not so much.  

For our 20Km run on Saturday it was a nippy -25 with windchill.  

Now don't get me wrong,  when living in the north there is a certain amount of freeze-your-butt-off-ed-ness you learn to just accept. Fortunately, as runners in the north,  we have learned that there are four requirements to running in the -20's  that can come together to make for a brisk yet enjoyable run. 

1. Base layer - a.k.a.  trusty smart wool socks and Merino wool long underwear
2. Thermal layer - whatever brand of slightly thicker run jersey or fleece based garment you are comfy in
3. Outer layer - a jacket and pants that will resist wind but breathe so you don't turn into a moving lesson in condensation.
4. The ability to laugh at the oh so womanly frost beard and  joker-like frozen smile  you will undoubtedly sport somewhere around the 10 km mark.

To see where 20Km in -25 took us check out:

Running frosty,


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  1. I LOVE your new word freeze-your-butt-off-ed-ness...i think it will catch on!!

    Here's hoping for nice spring running has to come soon, right??