Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Run Season - It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I read somewhere that summer bodies are made from winter running.  While this may be true and I applaud the author for those words of wisdom,  fall running may not produce a bikini body but fall runs are like comfort food.  They feed the soul.
Running with the warm autumn sun on your face while the air is still chilled from the morning.  Maybe a little fog left on the horizon because the sun hasn't fully warmed it away.
Clicking away the kilometers as you notice the calm stillness of the lake (if you are lucky enough to have one to look at like we do here) and see the trees showing their full beauty. Getting to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of sweating to death in a tank top.    

Speaking of fall races ( I know great segway)

After having a conversation with another local runner about the lack of fall runs in Sudbury, we did some poking around and found out we actually have a lot to look forward to in Sudbury as we  head into October so we thought we'd share what we found with you and let you have at it.

October 5th    Run for the Cure     Venue:  Cambrian College
October 14th   Turkey Gobbler Run   Venue:  Walden Ski Trails
October 19th  The Northern Run    Venue:  Skead Community Centre
October 20th  Colours of Hope 5Km   Venue:  Lake Laurentian Conservation Area Trails
October 25th  Superheroes vs Villains   Venue:  Adanac Ski Trail

There's nothing quite like fall running but it is short lived in the north so take advantage of it while you can and get in a few races to round out your season.

Long may we run.


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