Tuesday, January 7, 2014

- 30......no thank you.

When did I become such a wuss?  

I used to eat -30 degree runs for breakfast and growl my victory as I unwrapped the frosty layers post run. Now, when the thermometer hits -30 I look longingly at my run gear and manage to talk myself out of a run choosing instead to cozy up to a glass of wine.

Today is a perfect example:   I didn't get to run yesterday due to my overloaded Monday so before I went to bed I packed my run bag determined to get a run in today.  I looked at the handy-dandy weather app on my phone this morning to see what the temperature was......-19 was the projected high.......o.k. not so bad,  I added an extra layer in the bag and thought to myself, " I am running today, its just a little cold"  I was psyched!

Then I went to start my car.

 -19?  I call bullshit.   It was so cold out that when I opened the door to go, the dog looked at me as if to say,  "I'm good, I can hold it."  When my car finally relented against it's frigid slumber and coughed to a start, the man on the radio made me aware that with the windchill, we were actually headed for a balmy -30 degrees for the day.   Seriously!  that's the kind of cold that makes your eyeballs water and makes you do that little short breathing so you don't actually have to take too much cold air inside your body and make yourself colder!

How on earth did I used to do this?  Where did my motivation go?  Can someone find it and ship it back to me so I can get my ass in gear and stop longing for a dreadmill.   Me! Longing for a dreadmill?  Somebody call the San and tell them I'm coming because I must be out of my mind.

I've never considered myself  a "fair weather" runner but - 30.......no thank you!

Long may we run,


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