Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sometimes it's the little snails.

There are a great many things one would expect to see on a long run in Vaughn, Ontario.
Folks walking dogs, a couple sipping coffee on the patio at Starbucks and of course traffic but one does not usually expect to find snails on the sidewalk. Yep, that's what I said snails on the sidewalk.
I was about 3km into a 14km LSD on Saturday and as I was marveling to myself how wonderful it is to see the beauty of a river valley juxtaposed on the backdrop of a subdivision when I happened to look down and notice what I thought was a rock only to realize that the round rock I thought I was seeing actually had a tail end and little eyeball attenae at the other!  It literally stopped me dead in my tracks and caused me to laugh out loud.  I couldn't help but grasp the irony of the fact that I was running among something noted for being slow.  In that moment, as I stood there over my shelled speed bump, I realized that even though I was out there to get my milage done-probably too quickly- and had a dozen other things to do that morning, that it was time to get back to why I love running. To breathe, to bid the daily stresses of life good-bye and to take a look around as I run and take in all that the road has to offer me. Of all the things I thought I would be thankful for in running, I never expected it to be a snail.

Here's to slowing down and taking in the little things.


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